Curriculum Vitae

Susan Anderson, Pete Boettke, and I at the U.S. Embassy in the Czech Republic during the Summer of 2003. 
Me with my dissertation committee immediately after I defended my dissertation on March 25, 2004.  (From left to right: Richard Wagner, Peter Boettke, me, Bryan Caplan, and Steven Eagle). 
Me with my dissertation chairman, Peter Boettke, immediately after my dissertation defense on March 25, 2003.
My fiance (and soon to be wife), Anemone, and I at Jefferson Rock in Harper's Ferry National Park (April, 2004).
        My wife, Anemone, and I at Wrigley Field (April 2008). 
My wife, Anemone, and I in San Francicso, CA (January 2008).
The "kids"--Roo (our yellow lab mutt) and Phaedrus (our chubby black cat).