Personal Statement:

“Business schools are critical to preparing students with the skills and techniques necessary to succeed in today’s dynamic, global economy. But, at a more fundamental level, business educators are integral to helping our students understand the vital role entrepreneurship and business play in our economic system. Our chance to train and develop these leaders is an amazing opportunity and carries with it a tremendous responsibility. Business schools allow us to reach tomorrow’s leaders and assure that we are developing top talent with a strong set of core values to drive global development.”


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North Dakota State University

  • Dean for the College of Business, June 2016-Present

Arizona State UniversityArizona State University

  • Executive Director of the Center for the Study of Economic Liberty, January 2015-May 2016

Troy University

  • Executive Director of Manuel H. Johnson Center for Political Economy, August 2010-December 2014
  • Adams-Bibby Chair of Free Enterprise, August 2010-December 2014
  • Division of Economics and Finance Chair, August 2012-December 2014
  • Discipline Coordinating Committee (DCC) Chair of Economics, August 2010-July 2012
  • Associate Professor of Economics, August 2010-December 2014

Mercer University

  • BB&T Distinguished Professor of Capitalism, October 2009-June 2010
  • Director of Center for Undergraduate Research in Public Policy & Capitalism, October 2009-June 2010
  • Economics Department Chair, August 2008-June 2010
  • Associate Professor of Economics, April 2010-June 2010
  • Assistant Professor of Economics, August 2004-May 2007 and May 2008-April 2010

Beloit College

  • Assistant Professor of Economics, August 2007-May 2008
  • Contributor, RealClearMarkets, January 2014-Present
  • Contributor, News, March 2013-December 2014
  • Board of Directors Member, Institute for Humane Studies, October 2012-Present
  • Board of Scholars Member, Foundation for Economic Education, May 2012-Present
  • Member, Mont Pelerin Society, 2011-Present
  • Editorial Board Member, Journal of Entrepreneurship & Public Policy, January 2011-Present
  • Board Member, American Energy Alliance, December 2009-Present

Improving Lives in Alabama
A Vision for Economic Freedom and Prosperity | Scott Beaulier, Editor (with Dan Sutter)

The Political Economy of Medicaid Reform
Evidence from Five Reforming States (with Brandon Pizzola)

Feasibility of Medicaid Expansion in Alabama
(with Phillip Mixon)

From Defined Benefit to Defined Contribution

Behavioral Economics and Perverse Effects of the Welfare State
(with Bryan Caplan)

Principles for Pension Reform in Alabama
Rethinking the Defined Benefit in Alabama’s Retirement System

Stopping the Sinkhole
Lessons for Pension Reform in Pennsylvania


George Mason University

  • Ph.D. Economics, May 2004
  • M.A. Economics, January 2002

Northern Michigan University

  • B.S. Economics and History, May 2000